b'feature gardenReseneTM Moroccan SpiceBelow:The bedroom next to the snug is Resenepaint it rightMoroccan Spice. I needed a bold colour that would Architecture & Driven to create surfaces that make a living environ- flow on from the snug which is in Resene Ironsand,Choose the right Resenesays Meg. The ceiling is Resene White.ment durable, feel and look good to live in, we believecolours and paints for the job.the tactile nature of plaster cladding is unrivaled.Craftsmanship The construction process contains many facets which whengate expectationsGiving a garden gate a lick of paint is a quick way to combined, and applied accurately make for a shining, andprovide an outdoor space with the wow factor. To revamp an old unpainted wooden gate apply Resene durable example of the construction process - from theMoss & Mould Killer if there is moss or mould present. clients needs, the Architecture, through to the selection of Then wash with Resene Timber and Deck Wash. Apply Resene Quick Dry and topcoat with Resene products, and the professional trades people that applyLumbersider low sheen or Resene Lustacryl semi-gloss their skills. in your favourite colour.At Resene Construction Systems we only promote tested &inside outMeg created inside trusted products, solutions and practice for each and everyoutside flow by project we work on. painting the snug area (below) in the dark charcoal Visit our website to discover more about our Resene Ironsand to exciting range of facade systems, bespoke match the exterior interior nishes, and construction products. of the house. The dark wall colour makes it a great See more images of this house interior online space for watching at www.habitatbyresene.com/hurunui-homemovies without glary light and frames the beautiful view of the garden.Thecolourfulflairhasextendedindoorstoo.Megchoserusty orangeReseneMoroccanSpiceforDansbedroomandcharcoal Resene Ironsand for the informal lounge area, which the family call the snug. She painted most of the homes interior and exterior herself except for one occasion when a professional painted some repairs after the Kaiko-ura earthquake.Ive never been afraid to try different shadesits only paint after alland the family seems to enjoy the colour. They leave me to it. One time I struggled to reach the roof when painting the ceiling of our hallway but do you think one of my 6 2 sons would offer to give me a hand? They just walked past and said, Dont fall off the ladder, Mum.Megs favourite part of the house is the snug, which flows into the Borrmeister Architects,outdoor living area and decking, stained with Resene Kwila Timber Christchurch Stain a few years ago.I love looking out at the lawn. Its where theres a lot of lovely INTEGRA lightweightfamily memories. I look at the garden and sometimes I cant believe concrete plaster facadeIve pulled it all off.system with Rockcoteover and outcoloured plaster nishYou can visit Meg and Toms garden as part of the Hurunui Garden Festival. The annual festival is on the last weekend of October. ForWhen painting exteriors opt for a hard-wearingpaint such as Resene Lumbersider low sheen, a tough more info, visit www.hurunuigardenfestival.com.waterborne paint thats ideal for weatherboards,or Resene Sonyx 101 semi-gloss waterborne paint.images Juliet Nicholas Resene Lustacryl is also ideal for exterior trims.words Emma Rawson For dark exterior colours, such as Meg and Toms Resene Ironsand extension, choose a Resene turn the page for an alternativeCoolColour variant. This uses heat-reflecting look for this garden technology to help keep the surface cooler. Resene Resene ReseneBlack White White Ironsand 41'