b"bright ideas for kidsReseneResene ReseneHalf Melting Moment Middle Earth Warrior The tale of the tekeFor tweens or teenagers yet to leave the nest, this sophisticated take on nature is a perfectLeft: The back wall is painted stepping stone between fun and chic. Inspired by the saddleback or teke, the colour storyin Resene Warrior, with stars in Resene Black White and centres around Resene Rock Spray, a rich deep terracotta orange that perfectly matchesclusters topcoated in Resene the songbirds saddle.FX Nightlight glow-in-the-Creamy Resene Travertine provides a gentle backdrop for accents of Resene Halfdark. To maximise the glow Melting Moment, Resene Half Chill Out and Resene Rock Spray. Dip into your Resenethe stars could be painted in testpots and use small accessories (think pots, vases and ornaments) to personalise theResene White topcoated with space to suit your teen. With the right preparation and colour choices, furniture is aResene FX Nightlight. Left wall and floor in Resene Mystic. Cot canvas-in-waiting, ready to shine with a quick refurbishment, like these birdhouse shelvesfrom Mocka painted in Resene painted in Resene Middle Earth and Resene Ravine. Proton metallic paint. Toy box, Branchoutwiththisforest-inspiredclotheshanger.First,convinceyourteentolipped shelves and wall hook accompany you on a hunt in the garden or on the beach for the perfect stick. Tidy up thein Resene Reservoir and vases wood by removing any leaves, moss or growth and gently sand. Paint the branch usingin Resene Half Jumbo, Resene Resene Middle Earth or another complementary colour in two coats. Once dry, hang byReservoir, Resene Warrior and Resene Hermitage. DIY kite attaching two chains to the ceiling, with a loop in the middle. Hang the branch between,mobile in Resene Proton, then your teen can use matching hangers to display and arrange their favourite items. Resene Reservoir, Resene Half Jumbo and Resene Black White. Cot accessories and wooden toys from Kmart and Resene Resene books and aqua cushion from Rock Spray Travertine Above: Bird lovers can branch outThe Warehouse.with a clothes hanger made of driftwood, painted in Resene Middle Earth. The wall is in Resene Travertine, floor in Resene RavineReseneand drawers in Resene MiddleMysticEarth. Hanging birdhouses in Resene Middle Earth with edges in Resene Ravine, plant pot in Resene Rock Spray, bird ornaments inReseneResene Rock Spray and ReseneHalf JumboHalf Melting Moment, lidded dish in Resene Half Chill Out, fluted bud vase in Resene QuarterStarry, starry nightDrought and books in ReseneIs there anything more soothing than the gentle glow of starlight? There's comfort in the constancy Middle Earth and Resene Ravine.of star constellations, making them the perfect inspiration for a calm, serene nursery.Orange chair from Nood.Resene FX Nightlight glow-in-the-dark paint brings Messier Object 45, or M45, to life in this Left: A teke artwork by Glennsoothing blue and grey hued nursery. M45 is a cluster of seven stars which have appeared in myths Jones sets the colour palette inand tales throughout various cultures, often personified as seven sisters. Known as the Pleiades In this bedroom. Wall in ReseneAncient Greek mythology, the cluster also appears in one of the most well-known Aboriginal tales, Travertine, floor in Resene RavineThe Star Dreaming Story of the Seven Sisters. In Aotearoa, the stars are Matariki, and their and bedside table in Resene Blackout. Birdhouse shelves inappearance signals the beginning of Maori New Year, a time of harvest and celebration.Resene Middle Earth with edges inThe feature wall in Resene Warrior gives the nursery depth while creating an inky evening Resene Ravine, bird ornaments inbackground for the hand-painted Matariki and Southern Cross in Resene Black White, with an Resene Rock Spray and Reseneadded dash of Resene FX Nightlight for a glow-in-the-dark effect. Resene Mystic carries across to Half Melting Moment, lidded dishthe remaining walls and flooring, a gentle backdrop for accessories decorated in Resene Reservoir. in Resene Half Chill Out, fluted bud vase in Resene QuarterDon'thidebooksawayinabookcasepaintinglippedshelves,suchastheseinResenetop tipDrought and tall vase in ReseneReservoir, is an affordable and easy way to showcase favourite children's stories while adding popsFor best results apply Resene FX Half Melting Moment. Duvet andof colour (bonus points for space-themed adventures).Nightlight over a white basecoat, pillowcases from Citt, paprikasuch as Resene Lumbersider or a cushion from Freedom Furniture,High flyer Resene White testpot, allowing velvet cushion from Contempa,Kites or manu tukutuku were traditionally used by Maori to symbolise the start of Matariki. Createdry time in between coats. The throw from Nood, bird cushionthis kite mobile (above) by cutting 12 kites and tie shapes in thick paper or card (see the templateglow will be strongest after it has from H&M Home. online) and paint in your favourite galactic colourswe used Resene Reservoir, Resene Half Jumbobeen charged in UV light during and Resene Black White. Use a strong glue to attach to strings and tie to a macrame hoop.the day and will fade slowly at night as your little one drifts offto sleep.Resene Resene For full instructions and kite template, visit www.habitatbyresene.com/diy-kite-mobile. Ravine Quarter DroughtResene Resene styling Laura Lynn Johnston Resene ReseneHalf Chill Out Blackout images Bryce Carleton Black WhiteReservoirwords Cheree Morrison Resene Resene ReseneWhite Proton Hermitage60 61"