b'-dyalternative solutionneutrals and curvesa neutral organic bathroom with plenty of curves Interior designer Stacy Heyman of Studio Reno suggests an alternative scheme:The natural light on the far wall caught my eye. I thought it would be interesting to re-imagine the bathroom with the window as a focal point. Due to the bathrooms small size, I incorporated curves and rounded edges to give the illusion of more space. The rounded battening grounds the bath, drawing your eye up the wall, making the room feel larger. This neutral colour scheme emphasises the greenery through the window and the organic elements such as the nude-coloured bath, the shell ornament, curved mirror and the brushed brass fittings soften the space.email hello@studioreno.co.nz web www.studioreno.co.nzResene Black WhiteResene Sandtex in Resene SwirlFerm Living Shell PotAmarawww.amara.com 0800 443 160Milani Taps Resene Abi InteriorsWaferwww.abiinteriors.co.nz09 801 0908Ferm Pond MirrorSlow Store Navona Bone Vein Tile Otto Heated Towel Rail before www.slowstore.co.nz03 428 2555 Tile Space Abi Interiors Resenewww.tiles.co.nz www.abiinteriors.co.nz Half Biscotti 09 270 7970 09 801 0908Above: Stacy uses both colour and texture to create her organic theme and toillustration make this small bathroom seem bigger. She created a textured wall finish using Resene Sandtex in Resene Swirl for the window wall. The battening, painted inMalcolm WhiteResene Just Right, creates additional soft curves. The two side walls are wallpapered in a geometric pattern, using Resene Wallpaper Collection MO1503, which emphasises the curved shapes in the space. Resene Black White trim and the vein travertine-look tiles add to the natural theme. The concrete bath and wall basin are from Plumbline. Resene Wallpaper Collection top tip MO1503 Resene Sandtex Mediterranean finish is a tough acrylic texture finishResene ColorShopswhich can be applied to many surfaces including plasterboard andwww.resene.com/colorshopsResene concrete. Resene Sandtex can be tinted to a wide range of Resene colours,0800 737 363 or 1800 738 383Just Right then brushed onto the surface in a crisscross pattern for a textured effect.70 71'