b'editorialwelcomeColour is personal, and thats why it has such a transformative quality. When my partner Andrew and I painted our lounge Resene Clockwork Orange, the colour was a little controversial. Our bright little room makes us smile and is in tune with the 70s era of our townhouse, but the bold colour raised eyebrows. My mother-in-law worried that the orange wouldnt go with the crimson couch (it totallyworksinacolour-blockyway),myownmotherwas concerned about the resale (were not planning on putting it on the market anytime soon). The beauty of paint is its incredibly simple to reinvent your home again and again and do what makes you happy at the time. When the lounge also became my home office last year, I did think again about the orange. Should we want to change the room to be less Stanley Kubrick and more Disney princess, I could change the walls to Resene Frozen in a matter of hours. Resene paints good like that.This issue is packed with ideas for ways to reinvent your home inside and out to do whatever makes you smile. If, after a crazy year, you need to make your home more calming and soothing, turn to page 30. If youre a parent or grandparent with a childWorking on a projectthats mad about penguins then go ahead and paint their room likewith Resene paints, stains or our Antarctica-inspired space on page 58 and if they grow out ofResene wallpaper? Wed love to see it! Clockwork Share it with us on email,penguinsweve got a design for that too. If youre one of theOrange Facebook or Instagram!thousands who picked up a new hobby last year, weve thought of ways to help you hobby at home without it taking over your living editor@habitatbyresene.co.nzspaces on page 74 and theres a handy rollaway puzzle table for our habitatbyresenejigsaw fans to make on page 78.Ive hidden away my own failed @habitatbyreseneReseneattemptsatcrochetfromlastyear,IwillsticktopaintingScrumptiousand jigsaws.Happy reading!ReseneEmma Resene FrozenTwo of my favourite colours from the ReseneEmma Rawson editor Green White Raven Resene Multi-finish collectionSometimes history has a funny way of repeating itselfbut in awhen their homes have been transformed with Resene colour.good way. Back in 1946, Ted Nightingale couldnt find a suitableThey say change is as good as a holiday, but perhaps it can be paintforhisconcretebuildings,sohecreatedhisowninhiseven better.So many of us put up with rooms, spaces and colours garage. 75 years on, Resene has far outgrown that first garage.we dont like and promise ourselves we will get around to painting Thesedayswereoftenhelpingartists,makersandcreativesthem one day. When we finally do, were pleasantly surprised how Elevate the Room starting businesses in their own garages to decorate and enhanceeasy it was and how satisfying the new look is. Take the time to their designs with Resene paints and colours, and youll often seelook around your placeis there something that you could tackle these products featured in this magazine and on thehabitat bynow that will bring you joy for years to come? Introducing Mr Tall, Dark and Handsome. Hes your Heritage Hero, or yourResene website.Such is the beauty of paint and colourthere areFew of us are lucky enough to be blessed with a perfect home. Modern Muse; the newest addition to Esceas versatile DF Series. really no limits to what you can achieveall you need is a littleTeds taught us that you dont need to achieve everything overnight, imagination and vision, and a bit of patience and persistence. sometimes the best thing to do is make a start. Then keep going Towering over the rest, the DF990 fireplace is a perfect fit for the grand ceilingsOver the years weve seen many customers who had neverand keep doing. So, go ahead and crack open that testpot and add found in heritage homes, with a sleek sophistication that complements anypicked up a paintbrush become professional painters confidentlythat splash of colour.modern interior.painting house after house.Then there have been those who haveHappy decorating!picked up a few testpots to have a play then turned it into athe Resene teamLearn more at escea.com/DF990 flourishing career in art, and weve seen the joy on so many faces ReseneRainee3'