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The 30 home comforts soothing colour palette has a snugly Ask us anytime online Need help with a painting project or perhaps youve got a51 bathrooms Calming and cosy interior ideas for cocoon-like quality with the wall burning paint or colour question and are unsure who to ask? A fresh take on pink bathrooms stress-free living and fireplace in Resene Midnight Ask our Resene experts. They can help you with free advice Moss and floor in Resene Half Fossil. and information direct to your inbox. 55 kitchens 36 a gate to remember Folding screen in Resene Tequila with Elegant blue kitchen ideas A formal Hurunui garden pops with redsleading in Resene Midnight Moss Try out the Resene Ask a Technical Expert serviceand oranges and coloured stained glass in Resene www.resene.com/technicalexpert 58 for the kids Bandicoot, Resene Rob Roy and Resene Lightning Yellow. Plant pot in Resene Try out the Resene Ask a Colour Expert service A Matariki room and two bird-brained ideas 64 bauhaus rulesBlack Forest, vases in Resene Leather, www.resene.com/colourexpert A couple honours the past by restoring theirResene Rob Roy, Resene Clover, Resene 62 doing it homes radical retro colour scheme Sushi, Resene Lightning Yellow and We are trialling a paper wrap for some issues of this habitat magazineif youBye Bye Love takes upcycling to the next level Resene Bandicoot and lidded dish have received your habitat in paper wrap please recycle it with your normal74 hobby at home in Resene Tequila. Painted books in paper recycling. habitat is working with the Magazine Publishing Association28 78 diy puzzle table Paint and dcor ideas to help you createResene Lightning Yellow, Resene Clover to find new alternatives for magazine wraps. Many options have been tested,A rollaway table for jigsaw lovers spaces for making and creating and Resene Rob Roy, votive holder in from corn to potato, but none have yet proven durable enough for the mailingResene Lightning Yellow and tea light system. The current wrap is 100% recyclableyou can reuse it, and when80 my favourite colours holder in Resene Rob Roy.you no longer need it, it can be recycled with other soft plastics. Please visitHamish Dodd is undaunted by bold colourwww.recycling.kiwi.nz for participating soft plastic recycling locations. If therestyling Laura Lynn Johnston is no collection point near you, bring your wrapper into your local Reseneimage Wendy FenwickColorShop and we will recycle it for you. This magazine cover is producedResene Resene Resene Resene Resene Reseneon a certified paper sourced from a sustainably managed forest by ICG whoHalf Fossil Rob Roy Lightning Yellow Midnight Moss Clover Sushiare Enviro-mark gold certified. 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